Filming in Alresford

Another question for young and older residents alike.

There was once a TV comedy programme made using scenes filmed in Alresford, featuring a bungalow.

Do you know where the bungalow was?

More relevant perhaps is what was the TV programme that used this as a scene? I believe it was an episode of a series like “Some Mothers Do have ‘Em”, maybe featuring Michael Crawford, where he does some DIY on this bungalow, and basically it is demolished, and the whole building collapses. Does anyone know what the programme was actually called, and who featured in it?

Has anyone got any photos of the bungalow before and after? It would be nice to have copies for the town museum! Better still would be a copy of the TV programme!

Submitted by Nick Denbow.

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  1. Posted by Ann Hone on December 3, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    The Bungalow was on the corner of Roseberry Road and Cheriton Road/Jacklyns Lane. There are now two houses built in its place. The bungalow was most attractive, set high and well back from the road with a number of steps leading up to the front door which was set between two large rounded bay windows. It was surrounded by rockeries, I think a circular drive and pretty garden. I can remember the programme but not the name. It was definitely not Michael Crawford who starred in it. If the name of the actor comes back to me I shall let you know! I was devastated when the bungalow was destroyed, it was a favourite of mine!

    I think the garage scene you remember might have been used in a series called “Gentlemen and Players” when many parts of Alresford, in particular a cottage at the top of Mill Hill featured. I hope this helps!


  2. The above comment is correct. The bungalow was used in a pilot programme for a TV comedy that as far as I know didn’t have any more programmes made. The opening scene was the bungalow being blown up. After the film crew had used the site it was cleared for new development. It was definitely not Michael Crawford but an actor that I can picture – now I remember it was Karl Howman. He starred in ‘Brushstrokes’, but I don’t think it was one of those episodes. The bungalow was old but lovely, placed prominently on that corner – there was great surprise and sadness for me to see it smashed to bits literally. The developer of the site may know more details?


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