The Garage in Broad Street

A project for young and older alike!

Do you know where the garage was located in Broad Street?

Where did it move to?

I believe this garage was once used in a film, and to make it look more like a high-class country town car sales business, several new signs were added at the front of the building. In 2012 one of these signs still exists in Alresford, can you identify where it is?

But more interesting perhaps, is the question about what was the name of the film or TV series or whatever that used the garage as a back-drop.

A clue might be that filming is always made clear through a good lens.

Submitted by Nick Denbow

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  1. Posted by Len Strong on August 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    In the 1930’s this site was Honeybournes grocery store then about 1938 it was converted into the ‘Broadway Garage’. Not sure how long this remained open after the WW2. Hankins garage in West Street was the main car repair shop and sales showroom, and the only place in town with petrol pumps. Now that has sadly gone.


    • See the story “Childhood Memories at 54 Broad Street” by Pat Young. She includes the comment:

      “Across Broad Street there was Honeybourne Stores, and my Grandfather often cooked hams in the bake-house oven, which the store then sold. This shop was eventually Mr Wilkinson’s “Broadway Garage.”


  2. Posted by Michael on August 31, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    I lived in what is now the County Library, just by the entrance to the George Yard. If you come out of that entrance and turn right (travelling North), you pass Eddolls. After that there was a wine merchant, and a little further on the garage.


  3. It sounds like Michael is talking about maybe the 1960s shops, when Eddolls was a drapers and shoe shop, plus a men’s outfitters, as well as a carpet shop: the wine merchant was presumably in what is now Pizza Express: back in the 70s this was the Bodega wine bar. Interesting to hear it was a wine merchant before that.
    Since writing the above I’ve discovered that the Sun Hill Juniors Survey of shops in Alresford in 1971 lists the wine shop as at number 32, ie in that building that later became the Bodega and Pizza Express. In 1971 the wine shop was called Tylers.
    Nick Denbow


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