Memories of Alresford sought!

What do you know about Alresford? What does your Mum or Grandmother remember about the town when they were younger? There’s a lot that we might forget, unless you write it down and tell other people – using a new website for publication.

For instance why was your road given its own special name? Where did the names Jesty Road and Covey Way come from – maybe you know about Sun Lane but why Nursery Road? Where was the Primary School when it was in the Dean? Where was the garage in Broad Street, and where is it now? When and how did it appear on TV? Where was the garage in East Street, and what was it called? Why does Pound Hill have Mexican connections? How many buildings that were used as pubs or restaurants can you identify? They might be good quiz questions, but we need everyone to think of these little bits of history and record them.

As part of a project to record some of these simple accounts of what life was like in Alresford within our living memories, the New Alresford Town Trustees (NATT) are trying to encourage and collect contributions of stories from everyone, from any age group, and will publish them on this internet site. There is no proper name for this website yet: maybe you can suggest a good name that everyone will remember?

Please send in a few memories of your own, as an email or hand written, and we will publish them on the website, and put your name on the bottom too, as the author, if you want. If you are at school and sending in stories from grandparents, or from a long time ago, please tell us how old you are, what school and class you attend, and roughly what date the story relates to. We hope there will be sections for stories sent from Sun Hill and Perins, and will organize competitions, for example to see which is the most-read story on the site.

Please send your stories by e-mail to the editor, Nick Denbow, at, or to NATT at, or deliver stories on paper, to the Town Trust (NATT) at the Old Fire Station, in Broad Street, or write to the Clerk to the Trustees, NATT, The Old Fire Station, 54 Broad Street, Alresford, SO24 9AN.

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