The Alresford Heritage – in pictures

The Alresford Heritage website presents a collection of old photographs taken in and around the town of New Alresford in Hampshire: Godfrey Andrews explains how the website started and how he would like to make it grow further! He writes:
“The images on my site have been collected over many years and, together with those kindly sourced by other individuals and organisations connected with the town, they form a valuable historical record and fascinating insight into the buildings and the daily lives of the people who lived and worked in Alresford and the surrounding villages during the past century.
Most of the early photographs in the collection were taken by local photographers and those working for postcard companies, so many of these images are digitally reproduced from old postcards.
What began many years ago as a small collection of old postcards and photographs has now grown in to a large digitised archive library. My aim has always been to build one central depository for old photographs of the town. The advent of the world wide web and the ever increasing access to it by home users has enabled me to publish my collection, for viewing, to a far wider audience.
To enable this site to grow I would appeal to anyone who has any old photographs to contact me so that they can be added to the archive and the web site. Any photographs loaned will be copied, digitally restored if necessary and the originals returned, undamaged, to the owner. Also, I am always pleased to hear from anyone who can add any information, or corrections, to the captions that appear under the photographs on the site and also from anyone who has any comments about the site in general.
This site is a non profit making venture and it is my intention that all of the photographs contained in the archive will remain available as a resource for future generations in Alresford.
See the website on – for further information please email: Several examples of the prints available from this collection are on display around the town, for example on the display boards leading to the Courtyard Cafe in Broad Street, and in the window at Oakleaf Stationery in West Street.”

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  1. Posted by Mel Brain on September 1, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    This is an amazing collection that provides an interesting pictorial record of the history of Alresford. Having grown up in Alresford, I have found this collection fascinating, particularly as it charts changes over time.


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