Comment on the Scouts and Cubs in Alresford

Comment from Bill Biggs on Len Strong’s Scouts and Cubs in Alresford story:
Several of the Boy Scouts in the picture later became members of the Alresford Football Club. Bill points to a picture which is shown on the Alresford Heritage website, and is borrowed from them here, showing the Football team in 1949. In the back row on the left is Eric Biggs (Bill’s Dad), Eric Lane and Alfred Pearce. Eric Biggs was, like many others, in the local Fire Service during the war.
Les Strong, actually the cousin of Len Strong, and currently still living in Alresford, is on the left in the middle row: he was also in the Alresford Fire Brigade for most of his working life. Alongside Les are Alan Trimmear and Douglas Cox.
In the front row we have Harry White, Ted Tate, John Hillary, Ronald Clavelly and Ken Nutley. (These team names were provided by the late Mr Harry White).
The picture was taken at Alrebury Park, where the car park now stands.


Further pictures like this are available on the Alresford Heritage website – see the story on this blog, or go to

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