The Dean School in the 60’s

Bill Biggs adds to Len Strong’s memory of the Dean School:

The article by Len Strong is somewhat before my time as I only joined The Dean School in 1960 ………… however a couple of my most vivid memories were that when we had football (games) lessons we were marched through the streets all the way to Grange Road Recreation ground, which was the only football field in Alresford.

And then there was the swimming pool, located in the War Memorial garden, along the riverpath at the bottom of the Dean upstream to where we shared our swimming lessons with the local trout, because the pool was fed by the river through an open pipe.

Both swimming and football was taken by our teacher Mr Ginsberg……….. a no nonsense Welshman with a large ginger moustache.

In my day, the school caretaker was a large lady, called Mrs Foulkes….. who seemed to spend most of her day carrying buckets of coal around the school to the fires in the classrooms – this was the only form of heating we had there.

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  1. Posted by Coralyne Harfield nee hack on January 14, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    I went to the Dean School in the fifties: the teachers were Mrs Scamall, Mrs Art, Mrs Hoskins (her husband was the chemist), Mr Chivers and Mr Ginsburg. There was another teacher, I can’t remember her name – she was next to Mrs Art’s class. The head mistress – who’s name has also left my memory – she had her desk up high – she was scary!


    • Posted by Coralyne Harfield nee hack on August 17, 2015 at 6:08 am

      (Follow up on the previous comment about teachers names: the Headmistress was called…) Something like Mrs Goldberg: she lived up Grange Road with two spinsters, one of them worked for Whitchards, (the haulage company) in the Dean.


  2. I was also at the Dean in the 1950’s,the missing names as I remember are as follows.Head mistress was a Mrs Warden,I think she lived in Haig Rd. Miss Shergold who lived in a red brick house opposite the Catholic church in Grange Rd .Mr Ogier spelling may not be correct there,he came from Jersey and told stories about the island life in the war.


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