John Arlott intro to a “Taste of Alresford”

“A Taste of Alresford” is a book that was assembled by Sally March on behalf of Oxfam in 1985, by asking local people for their recipes and anecdotes about the town. It is therefore a fitting predecessor to the Alresford Memories website. It was ISBN 0 9510694 0 3, and had an introduction by John Arlott. This is given below.


“Alresford is, even for Hampshire, an unusually handsome small town, T-shaped, ancient, full of character and antique shops, riddled with woodworm, surrounded by watercress and patrolled by trout. Its main street is wide enough for a coach and four to turn – as they used to do – and its long history is reflected in its houses, varied, mature, airy, and easy to live in. For the visitor it has many smallish, personal and original shops – one with a splendid trove of antiquarian books [not without attraction to various Russian spies-Ed] – and ample refreshment. It used to have eight pubs and a brewery; now it dispenses the adequate hospitality of five, a wine bar, a hotel and a couple of restaurants.

For one who spent the happiest quarter-century of his life there, it remains warm in the memory; full of friends and recollections of the houses where we enjoyed the cooking of the generous ladies whose recipes make up this true Alresford book. This is the opportunity to thank them again – Cheers!”

John Arlott

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  1. Can you find any information or photographs of the Auxiliary Fire Services that were at the old fire station down at the bottom of Broad Street New Alresford between 1938 to 1950 during the Second World War, because my father was in this service in this period – plus, is there any registry for the people who were in this service? The main Fire Headquarters for this time stood at a large place at Kingsworthy that was eventually taken over by a computer company, maybe IBM: if so I would like to purchase some photographs of this. I do have two photographs showing some of the people in this service from New Alresford during this time


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