The George Inn, Broad Street.

The George Inn in Broad Street was originally owned by Winchester College, and was built for them in about 1420. Twenty years later, in 1439, it was burnt down in one of Alresford’s Great Fires and not rebuilt until a lease was granted in 1460.

In 1424, the Inn was known as the Saint George, or ‘St. George’. Presumably it was then known as ‘the old George’ and that gradually became its proper name.

The Inn was sold by Winchester College to a brewery in 1914. It was then closed on 1st September 1927, after more than four hundred years of innkeeping.

This introduction was provided in “A Taste of Alresford” by June Gregory, an enthusiastic supporter of Oxfam. Her husband Peter Gregory was in 1985 a partner in Dutton and Gregory, a firm of solicitors whose offices in Broad Street were formerly a part of the Old George Inn, access to their offices was via a side door within the coaching entrance through the centre of the old building.

In another contribution to “A Taste of Alresford”, Elizabeth Davis (nee Stiles) from J S Stiles (Ironmongers) at 11 Broad Street tells us that in the rooms above the shop, old exposed beams could still be seen [in 1985] that were blackened and burnt – an effect believed to be from the Great Fire of 1689, which presumably did not affect the George.

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