Flour in Alresford and Tichborne

From the Alresford County Secondary School (later to become known as Perin’s) magazine, Volume 4, of 1955.

The Tichborne Dole

…..By Roy Clarke, Class 10

On Sunday March 25th at Tichborne House, the annual distribution of the Tichborne Dole took place. The story started about 300 years ago, when Lady Mabella Tichborne, who liked to help the poor, was taken ill and she wished her work to be carried on after she died.

Sir Roger Tichborne did not take much notice, but said that she could have all the land which she could walk round. Sir Roger thought that she would not get very far, so he did not worry. Lady Tichborne then got from her bed and started to walk. She had not gone far before she fell to the ground, because she was so weak. She started to crawl, but she had to keep stopping to get her breath. In the end she had to give in. The land she covered amounted to 23 acres. This land is called “The Tichborne Crawls”. It was to be planted with corn, which, when ground down to flour, is given to the inhabitants of Tichborne, Cheriton, and Lane End each year. Just before she died, she placed a curse on the house, to the effect that if ever the flour distribution were stopped, the house would sink into the ground. Every year, one and a half tons of flour is distributed.


Alresford Mill

….By Celia Beck, Class 7

Alresford Mill is situated in Mill Hill, Broad Street. It was originally built in Bishop de Lucy’s time when Alresford Pond was made, and was driven by water, to grind wheat which eventually became flour.

It was rebuilt and modernised in 1891-2 and now it is the only working water mill in Alresford. It has four floors. On the ground floor is most of the machinery. The first floor is used mostly for serving customers. The second and third floors are used for storing the wheat. Mr Childs, the present owner, has recently put in an electric grinder and electric lights.


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