Perin’s School Miscellany

There follow several miscellaneous items from the Alresford County Secondary School (later to become known as Perin’s) magazine, Volume 4, of 1955.

MESSMATES  ….a poem by Sylvia Cousens and Jean Blake.

Said Sylvia to Jean,

“Where have you been?

You look quite battered,

Ill and shattered,

Your hair is a mess;

You’ve torn your dress,

I think that you might

Have been in a fight.”

Jean fell to the ground

With a low, moaning sound.

She lifted her head,

And tearfully said,

“Never again can iI stand such a noise,

I’ve been into dinner with all of the boys!”



The school canteen serves 73,105 dinners last year. In those dinners were 5120 pints of milk, 3010 lbs of sugar, 5375 lbs of flour and 48160 lbs of potatoes! Altogether, over £2436.16s.8d was collected in dinner money.


ALRESFORD POACHER ….a story by Sally Bentley

One day I asked my younger brother, who was five, how to poach an egg. He thought about it for a few moments and this was what he said:

“First, I should find out if any farms nearby had chickens that laid eggs daily. Then before I went to bed I should lay all my clothes tidily and set the alarm clock for 6 o’clock. When I awoke, I would dress, then set out for the nearest farm. Very silently I should creep through the hedge, hold up the wire and crawl through. I should pick my way carefully towards the hen house, put my hand in the laying box, and pick out a big egg. Then I’d run like mad back home.”

When he had finished his story, my other brother and I were roaring with laughter. He asked us why we were doing so, and I told him I meant an egg that we eat for breakfast. He answered, “Well, you could easily eat it for breakfast.” This made us laugh even more, for it was a very funny mistake.


HORSE CHESTNUT ….a poem by June Perkins, Class 10

I have a horse called Chestnut

He’s sixteen hands or more,

And when I pass his stable,

He rushes to the door.

He has his usual titbit,

A sugar lump or such,

And though I see him often

He mustn’t have too much.

He has his daily grooming

When I come home from school,

And when I have finished grooming him,

I ride him, as a rule.

A dog’s a man’s best friend they say,

I believe in that of course,

But as for me, I’d rather have

My own, beloved horse


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