Andersons – poultry and game, fishmonger and greengrocer.

In the Oxfam book “A Taste of Alresford”, by Sally March, published in 1985, Sandra Hart, manageress of the Anderson Fish shop at 8 West Street, writes:

“Some years ago the shop changed hands, but Alresford was so accustomed to calling the shop ‘Andersons’ that the present tenant, Mr Phillip Gay, reverted to the old name. The shop stocks a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, including exotic cumquats and mangoes, lychees and limes. Even better, the watercress is fresh from its ‘bed’, the cream from its farm and the  trout from Mr Gay’s own ‘stewponds’ [at the trout farm in Drove Lane].

“The building still belongs to Mrs Rita Blundell of Ropley, the granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Batchelor, who came to Alresford in 1915, and lived over the shop. Their daughter, Mrs Cecil Turner, later managed Crook’s Restaurant, which is now the greengrocery side of the present shop, and her husband ran the other side, the fish shop, called ‘Eureka Fish’ (try saying it to yourself). After the Second World War, rations and regulations made the catering so difficult that the Turners changed the restaurant into a greengrocer’s.”

Note: Rita Blundell is quoted widely on the photo website!

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  1. As a schoolboy in the mid 1930’s I used to run errands for Mr Bachelor on Saturday mornings. He used to fillet, behead and skin much of the fish and put all the ‘waste’ in a bucket, and I had the job of taking it down the Dean and feeding it to the pigs which were penned in a sty by what was then, the Gas works. They used to wallop it up, bones and all. (just another happy memory).


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