Where to find old photographs

1. Photo Catalogue. Artifacts, documents and photos collected by the Alresford Museum are catalogued on the website http://www.museum.alresford.org

2. Pre WWII Photographs. Photos of Alresford and events around Alresford scanned from copies provided by residents, and generally dated prior to the Second World War, are shown on the Alresford Heritage website run by Gog Andrews, on http://www.alresfordheritage.co.uk

3. Collections of Post WWII Photos. More modern photos of interest relevant to Alresford events since WWII are shown in albums as listed on http://www.alresford.org/gallery1.php

4. Alresford pictures with background information. There is a collection of sets of photos on http://www.flickr.com/photos/83468450@N03/collections/72157632679229184 which is a FlickR website. The Collection is entitled Alresford Museum Archives, which includes several sets of photos of the Alresford Carnivals and other events in and topics relating to Alresford, from various contributors. This FlickR collection is one of Nickdenbow’s Collections on FlickR.

These FlickR website photos usually have a detailed description of each photo which explains the date and event as much as is known. Further info would be welcomed, please, by e-mail to nick@nickdenbow.com .

4. Photos with an associated story or memory. The photos shown on this Alresford Memories website are presented as low resolution images, but also present the story attached to each set of images. Stories with attached photos of interest are labelled “Photographs” in the Category listing on the right. So click there to find relevant photo stories. Please use the comments box to feed back or correct the information about any of these stories. Higher resolution images should be available from the other sources.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I am looking for old photographs of the auxilary fire services New Alresford between 1925 to 1949 if you have any could you let me know because my father was in this service between this time and I am dong a family tree and want to obtain some if available. ON ONE OF THE PREVIOUS PHOTOGRAPHS YOU SHOWED THERE WAS A PERSON CALLED BIGGS SHOWN ON IT CAN YOU GIVE ME ANY DETAIL ABOUT THIS PERSON


    • Fred Biggs was pictured outside the Bush Inn in the 1920s, but I have no more information about him! Obviously he liked a pint! See the story about the Bush Inn dated 16 February 2013.
      Nick Denbow


  2. My Father is shown in the photograph of footballers you show and is called Eric Biggs and had a brother as well who I want to obtain a photograph of. His father was William Charles BIGGS and his mother was Kate Bessie Elizabeth Biggs who i am looking for a photograph of both. Can you keep your eye open for the folowing people on pictures. They lived at 20 broad street New Alresford between 1913 to 1939. I will forward a photograph that i have of the fire services between this time.


  3. Posted by Maureen Banner-Rock on October 15, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    My mother lived in the Manley farm cottages Ovington , my Grandad was Tom Hedger who was a farm labourer on the farm. Am looking for a photo of either of them: my mother was married in St Marys church Alresford.


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