Static railway carriages in Alresford

A challenge for you! Where have old railway carriages been used as dwellings or residences in Alresford?

We have reported on one such railway carriage, used as the Golf Course Clubhouse in around 1954, by the side of the first tee, across the road from the Cricketer’s pub. What we need here is any old photo of anyone in front of this clubhouse winning a trophy or whatever – maybe just drowning their sorrows! came up with this image of a well clad carriage on the grass opposite the Cricketer's! came up with this image of a well clad carriage on the grass opposite the Cricketer’s!

The next challenge is from around the same time, 1954, but has anyone any memories or photos of the railway carriages used at the top of the hill on Jacklyn’s Lane, near the old water tower? Pat Bentley used to deliver papers to a lady who lived in one of these carriages: who was she, and have you any photos?


The photo above is said to be in Alresford: where is it? Who is the young schoolboy in his uniform? Please let us know, particularly if this was you!

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  1. I have been doing my family tree and recently found out my great great grandmother and her family lived in a railway carriage in Alresford. And was told it was Rambles or Brambles: they lived here 1940 to 1950 ish.
    I do wonder whether this was one of my relatives stood out the front.
    Their surname was Henty.


  2. Karen: The photo of the schoolboy in his uniform came from, and we don’t know where it is taken. But this could be on top of the Jacklyn’s Lane Hill: in the 40s-50s it was undeveloped, there was a chicken farm up there, on the East side of the road (See the story about Pat Bently delivering the Newspapers). One of the modern roads now on that site is called Bramble Hill.


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