Unique WW1 items on display

The Alresford library display, which commemorates 100 years since the start of WW1, has been updated with some new items for July and August: the people of Alresford and the surrounding area who remember those who fought in WW1 have provided some treasured mementos for us to see.

New to the display, which has been on show for two months already, are some embroidered cards, known as ‘WW1 Silks’ and a set of spurs worn by a soldier in the Royal Artillery.

WW1 Silks

silks 264  cut down

These embroidered cards were made by the local French and Belgian people in refugee camps, and sold to the soldiers to send home to their loved ones. The cards on show were sent home to West Meon by Bert Wicks, to both his wife and his mother. The lace attached to a postcard formed an envelope, and inside there was typically a card for a personal message. Half a dozen cards are on show, just a portion of the many cards sent home by Bert throughout the war.

Royal Artillery spurs


The spurs worn by Frank Holland, a horseman in the Royal Artillery during WW1 are also on show. Frank rode a horse, which with up to five others in the team pulled the field guns, attached to a Limber, which was a two wheeled cart. When the guns were in position, the Limber was used to collect the shells from the munitions base, and deliver them to the gun position.  See the spurs just visible on the right of this photo.

See further explanations and photos in the display organised by the Alresford Museum, in the library in Broad Street. This will continue through July and August.

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