WW1 – Alresford Remembers

DSC01562aSeveral hundred visitors to the Alresford Community Centre on August 9th & 10th appreciated an exhibition commemorating the contribution made by Alresford and the surrounding area, for example the Tichborne and Morn Hill camps, during World War 1.

The exhibition was organised by the Alresford Community Association Fund Raising Committee. Contributors to the many displays included Alresford Heritage with support from the Alresford Museum Committee, The Alresford Historical & Literary Society, Perins School and the Morn Hill project ‘To Honour a Promise’. Many treasured artifacts and memorabilia were kindly donated for display by local residents.

Refreshments were provided by the Community Centre Fund Raising Committee & Volunteers and over the weekend £135 was received in donations which will be given to the Perins School World War 1 ‘Plant a Tree’ project.

Some of the photographs from the WW1 display

Some of the photographs from the WW1 display

Some of the items and stories shown in the Community Centre over the weekend have been returned to the Alresford Museum display cabinet in Alresford Library in Broad Street, where they will be on show until late September. The five panels showing pictures of local scenes from WW1, created by Gog Andrews of www.alresfordheritage.co.uk, are now on display in the alleyway off Broad Street (between Lavenders and the AgeUK Charity shop) which leads to the Courtyard Tearooms, and will remain there during the autumn. If you have any further pictures which could be copied and added to this record, please contact Alresford Heritage, or Alresford Memories via a comment on this webpage.

The alleyway to the Courtyard Tearooms

The alleyway to the Courtyard Tearooms

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