Labels on Alresford Bears

Horace, the Alresford Bear, has a website,, and this has provided some interesting analysis of the labels used on Alresford Crafts Bears over the years. So this is the story, as below, and maybe you should visit his website to see what he has been doing?

Alresford Crafts, based in Alresford, Hampshire, England  manufactured soft toys from about 1970 until 1992 when they ceased trading. They were exported worldwide and many seem to have ended up in USA and Japan.

Here is a page thought to be from a 1980’s Alresford Toys Catalogue, which shows bears that look like Horace in various sizes.  All the bears in this style were known as Honey Bears, and all had flat bottoms that enabled them to sit without being propped up by something.

Alresford Catalogue

Quite a lot of information about Alresford Crafts provided by Alresford Memories can be found at

There is a mention of Alresford Crafts on BBC site Domesday Reloaded 1986 at

Three types of label can be found on the bears

1) Older bears made at the Old Mill up until about 1979 have this sort of label :

Older type label (such as the one that Horace has)

2) Bears made after about 1979 made at The Station Mill have this type of label:

After 1979 Made at Station Mill

3) This type of label was used on bears most recently made at The Station Mill :-

Bears made after 1979

If anyone has any more information about Alresford Crafts Karen would be delighted to hear from you, via Horace’s website. Or send info to Alresford Memories on here too.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Horace has now visited Alresford to find out about his origins.


  2. Brilliant post Karen, call us next time you come past! Plus i really liked your pictures, the old places come to life with Horace there to show them off! Nick
    PS I hope Horace saw all of his friends in the display cabinets upstairs in the library!


  3. Posted by Dave ede on December 2, 2019 at 10:44 am

    I have an early well wore teddy,,. early one.


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