The latest “Alresford Articles”

Issue number 5 of “Alresford Articles” has recently been published. This is the latest in a series of A4 sized booklets which presents a number of local history articles, by local people, continuing the tradition started by “Alresford Displayed”, a similar series of publications. These were started in 1976, and the last issue, number 22, was published in 1997.

Villages scan838Alresford Articles is published by the Alresford Historical and Literary Society,, and any profits arising from sales of the booklets are used to help the society’s funds. Copies are available priced at £4.80.

Alresford Articles Issue 5 has a typical mix of stories covering 48 pages, totalling 15, some of them covering local history as follows:

‘Mr Alresford’ – Alfred Henry White

The George & Red Lion Inns

Albert E Wade: an Artist in Alresford

The Cold War Spies in New Alresford (re Harry Houghton and Ethel Gee) (see the picture below – where is it?)

Hudson’s Summer in the Itchen Valley

The District Nurse & the Ropley Coffee Rooms

Sheep Fairs (and fields)


About the Alresford Historical and Literary Society

The Society was formed in 1966 to bring together members of the local community and encourage interest in the History, Literature and Archaeology of Alresford and the surrounding areas. It has been instrumental in recording the area’s history and events as evidenced by the publication of the original twenty-two original Alresford Displayed booklets. Many of our members have played a pivotal role in the ongoing social and commercial life of our attractive town.

Monthly meetings are held in the Methodist Church, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford SO24 9JJ, where a balanced programme of talks and presentations takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Meetings are normally held on the third Wednesday of the month, and it is not necessary to be a member to attend – visitors are welcome at the door for a small fee. Refreshments are provided.

The topics selected for the monthly talks give an insight into the influence that the political, social and industrial heritage has had on our Community and Hampshire. To stimulate the literary interests of the members, lectures are also chosen to illustrate the work of authors and artistic personalities.

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