World Record Cyclist and the Rugby World Cup in Alresford!

Something for you to tell your grandchildren maybe!

The Webb Ellis Cup, the Rugby World Cup, came to Alresford in August this year. On 26th August it arrived at Arlebury Park, as did the rain. The Alresford Rugby Club had arranged a full day of events to celebrate this, with an afternoon and evening of FUN RUGBY for EVERYONE. As they said, “Keep that date free to join Alresford Rugby Club, the community of Alresford, and Rugby enthusiasts from far and wide”. I’m sure there were some stalwarts out playing in the mud!

304587609The Webb Ellis Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the Rugby World Cup, the premier competition in men’s international rugby union. The Cup is named after William Webb Ellis, who is often credited as the inventor of rugby football. The trophy is silver gilt and has been presented to the winner of the Rugby World Cup since the first competition in 1987.

The 38 centimetre trophy weighs 4.5kg, is gilded silver and is supported by two cast scroll handles. On one handle there is a head satyr, on the other there is head of a nymph. On the face of the trophy, the words International Rugby Football Board and below that arch The Webb Ellis Cup are engraved.

ARFC has its own website, for more info,

Plus a cycling World Record holder!  

On Saturday 22nd August Dominic Irvine visited Alresford Library, to meet fellow cycling enthusiasts. Dominic and Charlie Mitchell broke the World record, in May, for cycling non-stop between Land’s End and John O’Groats on a tandem, smashing the 1966 record by a massive 5 hours! During his visit to Alresford Library he talked about long distance cycling and making world records – or at least one record!

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