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Eel House Open Days

A painting by Tessa Purkiss in 2009

A painting by Tessa Purkiss in 2009

The Eel House, a little way downstream from the end of the Dean in Alresford, is had three Open Days in Autumn 2015. The volunteer helpers normally just explain how the place was used, and give some of the eel history to the visitors. They are also there to help pull any people who might fall into the river, out onto the bank again. Care is needed when walking around the banks of the pool below the eel house.

The history of the eel house and eel fishing is the subject of a long story from the Alton Herald, presented on this website last year, see .

Entry is free, but any donations are gratefully accepted. For this year the latest developments are on display: the NATT and the volunteers have completed the installation of a new metal mesh floor inside the house, above the sluices, improving the visibility and the safety for children and adults alike. The next objective is to reinstall the eel traps properly in one of the three flumes, preferably with a flow control valve system as well!

We are grateful for the interest shown by our visitors, despite the rain recently. Over the three days, we counted 171 visitors, who left generous donations, and took away lots of leaflets, plus a new understanding of the life of an eel maybe. Two lady visitors actually saw an eel, not in the eel trap but by the entrance gate, in the stream running past the side of the building!