Resident list -1946: Streets A to G

This is planned to be Part 1 of a residents list in Alresford houses and dwellings, as recorded in 1946 by Clinton Sherriff, a member of the Alresford Chamber of Commerce at the time. It was probably to enable him to canvas for donations towards a town building project, which was the Outdoor Swimming pool in the War Memorial Garden.

This survey is sorted by road name, and Part 1, shown in the attached, covers the roads starting with the letters A through to G at the time. This means Ashburton Place, as it was known then, thru to Grange Road. The attached uses his numbering system for the houses in the streets, which does not correspond to the modern numbering system. Plus obviously there are gaps where the houses and even some streets we see today had not been constructed.

The original of the survey is in the Hampshire Record Office, but a copy exists in the Alresford Museum. If you want to see his map of a particular street, I will email it to you, as this also gives a clue as to the development state at the time.



The maps here show examples of how Sherriff drew out the roads at the time, and numbered the houses – all by hand.  Above is Ashburton Place – there is no Ashburton Road as yet. Opposite is Grange Road, with large gaps between the houses. The maps are not necessarily to scale.


Number       Street + House name (if exists) Resident names
      Ashburton Place
1 Campbell/ Southwood
2 Strong
3 Lister
4 Benham Chamberlain
5-16 listed as Grange Road
17 Keel F / Nicholson
18 Crockford D
19 Hurst
20 Coombs
24 Pay
25 Watts
Brandy Mount
1 Astridge
2 Sherwood
4 Roadnight
5 Ray
7 Hunt
8 Hammond
10 Kent
11 Cook Mrs E
Bridge Road
1 Opp Nicholson Place Merritt
2 Kitcher
3 Underwood
4 Merritt Mrs
5 Newell T
6 Hall
7 Duffin
8 Gross / Stent
9 Joyce
10 Peckham WH
11 Barker C /Wilcocks /Williams
12 Page
13 Vatener
14 Corner Grange Rd Monday
Broad Street
Broad St West side
1 ….
2 Army Love AF
3 Livingstone & Sons Livingstone & Sons
4 Major FJ
5 Mismere? Hazelgrove /Wigmore G
6 Barker EO
7 Armsworth Dairy
8 Harris Mrs
9 Barns Bros
10 Chapman Miss
11 Nelson Barr Miss/Nelson HV
12 Baker Miss
13 The Lawn Tape
14 Inge P/Gregory Mrs
15 small Neville Mrs HJ
16 Andrews M
17 Leishman HR/Winchester
18 Warburton
19 Cranley Hall Miss/ Strong & Sons
19′ small
20 Oaklands Palmer WH
21 Batchelor FC
22 Rosemary Cottage Shield GER / Winter Mrs D
22′ Deeside Hunt
22” Riverside Radford Miss M
Broad St East side
numbered from bottom up
23 Old Fire Sta ARP HQ
24 Chown R
25 Army
26 Westover Meryon CE
27 The Forge Love
28 Forge Cottages Booth
29 Hooper
30 Dorking House Oakley E
31 Honeybourne Stores Jones Mrs
32 Broadway Garage Osborne Mrs
33 Chaffy (deleted) Chaffy (deleted)
34 Smee A
35 Eddolls Eddolls RE
36 George Flats Boyd
37 George Flats Hackney LC
38 George Flats Sherriff FC
39 George Flats Boyle JE/ Way CE
39” Smith +Crockford
40 Biggs G
41 Curtis Mrs
42 Harris DA/Holmes
43 Isham T & Son Isham CF
44 Woodward GH
45 Horse& Groom Gray HJ
46 Lawrences
Cheriton Road
Cheriton Road (East side) now Jacklyn’s Lane
from Salisbury Rd to Cricketers
1 Sarnia Ing / Neville
2 Oaks Lister Miss
3 Chesterholm Lowe
4 Hillside Dawkes / Seacombe WE
5 Ingleby Hastie Dave, and his wife (Scottish)

who had a milk delivery business.

6 Ivanhoe Brown EC
7 Raffier Withers AE
8 Glendore Davies / Wright F
9 Rosemary Martin CA
10 West View Dymond H
11 Orchard Dene Fairburn H. Opposite Oban.

Demolished 1970s and then

re-built by Mr Fairburn,

–  who had an eye-patch. In the 60s

it was bought by the Winter-Taylors

Demolished in the 70s, to make

way for more houses.

12 Cricketers Arms Boniface (Mrs Charlotte), widow

of the AGC golf professional Bill

Boniface. Later married George

Banks, and ran the pub till

the mid 1980s: even your editor

remembers the corner entrance

as opening into the “Off-sales”

little cubicle, rather like a


Cheriton Road (West side) now Jacklyn’s Lane
13 Birnbeck Hartland PG: Mr Hartland was a partner in

Hartland and Orton, a local building firm.

This house is semi-detached with Oban.

14 Oban House Livingstone D: Mr Livingstone built

the house in 1933. Oban was bought

by Bob and Brenda Hedges in 1955.

15 Kemble Cove
16 Cornerways Hasted A, probably Alec, the local butcher.
17 Haggarty/Clement
18 …. Jeffery E
19 Clovelly Hunt LJ
20 Ty-Gwyn Margate / White WE
21 Montello Loveridge M
Rosebery Rd
22 The Hill Pemberton JP
Salisbury Road
Churchyard Cottages
1 Newman CDE /Wright
2 Trimmer F
3 Holliday
4 Marks
5 Henning JW/Lewer
6 Benham
7 Gilding J
8 Hockley
9 Butcher
The Dean West side
1 Methodist Hall
8 Piper G
10 White Mrs A
12 Alresford Gas Co Platt O
13 Hut
16 Smith
The Dean East side
17 Faccombe Cottage Curtis W
18 Fairlight Villas 5
19 Fairlight Villas 4
20 Fairlight Villas 3
21 Fairlight Villas 2 Smith KB
22 Fairlight Villas 1 Vickers AW
23 Western Villa Dorey J
24 Alms Cottage Childs HJ
25 Stanley Cotts 7
26 Stanley Cotts  6
27 Stanley Cotts 5
28 Stanley Cotts 4
29 Stanley Cotts 3
30 Stanley Cotts 2 Joyce
31 Stanley Cotts 1
47′ (Cottages behind)
48′ (Cottages behind)
49′ (Cottages behind) Sinclair
50′ (Cottages behind)
51′ (Cottages behind)
52′ (Cottages behind)
32 Bugg AJ
34 Tremee L
35 Dean Arms Springer AE
36 Dean School Jesty E
43 PortLaurel Shaw
44 Army
East street
East Street North side
1 Lawrence Lawrence M
2 Phair Phair HJ
3 Alresford Water Co Shield +Son
4 Natl Prov Bank Banks WE/ Wigmore G
5 The Blue Café Mike Hedges remembers this as

“The Blue Venture Cafe”, operating till

the 1970s. Other reports about the

cafe have been more colourful….

6 Peaceful Home Lowe H / Sutherland. Famous for

the sign outside advertising

“Urs beer”. The inquisitive traveller

should never have asked the

landlord “Whats Urs?”

7 Sunnyside Boyce / Newell
8 Eastridge Hillary WH
9 World Stores Blake E
10 Corren
11 Smith Mrs E/ Osborne H
12 Rose Cottage
13 Updale 2 Leaman
14 Updale Lane SC
15 Cardew McNalty / Rippingale AE
East Street South side
15′ Langtons
16 Sun Inn Black GC
17 Deacombe Crockford A
18 The Manse
19 St John’s Robinson
24 Andrews AH
25 Moore
26 Langridge
Brandy Mount opening
27 Eastholme Blake AE
28 Easeway Bye Mrs A / Richards AK
29 Lane FN
30 Hunt Miss
31 Childs CH
32 Sparrow YW
33 White W
34 Torbett
35 Deacon Deacon HH
36 London Central Meat Co Trickey A
37 Epps Epps Mrs HE
38 Hillbro Eddolls CB
39 The Lindens Hodgson H
40 Peploe Miss
41 Min of Labour Wigmore P
42 Simmonds Simmonds/Edwards
Grange Road South side
1 Windyridge Bascomb FA
Space + Salisbury Rd
2 Holmlea Hallett
3 Redlands
4 Wynhill Fisher / Nicholas
5 White W
6 Cox
7 Dawes RG
9 Marks / Page / White
10 Brown/Hillary
11 McMahon Mrs/ Mason
12 Hillier / Richardson Mrs
13 Biggs
14 Hibberd
15 Andrews AA/Digweed/
16 Andrews AA/Etherington/
/Smith R/Smith Mrs E
Grange Road North side
16′ South View Hazelgrove
17 Dalkeith – P.O. Morley Mrs
18 St Ronans Curtis H
19 Elgin Villa Livingstone A
20 Claranest Graham/Meadows WC
21 The Nook Benham Mrs K / Young A/
22 Harley Cottage /Consterdine/ Strong / Tait
23 Silvermere Edwards AD
24 Braemar McCutcheon J
25 Glenroy White T
26 Highclere Chivers NC
27 Treetops Allan / Savage CH
28 Royston
29 Wearville Hearring WJ
30 ..
31 Dorlie
32 The Ridge Ing G
33 Hazeldene Hacney Mrs/Lindley Miss
34 Hillcrest Picken A
35 Sunnycroft Karn AB / Walker
36 Hillcat Crew T

Where there are gaps, no information was recorded.

The tabulation has gone wrong on one entry, that for 21 and 22 Grange Road. “Harley Cottage” has no known residents, the three quoted (Consterdine, Strong and Tait) were resident in “The Nook”

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mike Hedges on December 10, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    A very interesting post, with several names I remember from my childhood. Re Cheriton Road, west side – I grew up in Oban House (more correctly just Oban) which was bought by my parents Bob and Brenda Hedges in 1955. Mr Livingstone, the first owner, built the house in 1933. It is semi-detached with Birnbeck. I believe the Mr Hartland who is recorded as living in Birnbeck, was one half of the Alresford building firm Hartland & Orton. Their name was cast into the iron septic tank cover in our back garden!

    In the same location, ‘Corneraray’ should read ‘Cornerways’. The ‘A Hasted’ occupying it was probably Alec Hasted, who had a butcher’s shop in West Street.

    Opposite us (Cheriton Road east side) was Orchard Dene (demolished in the 1970s and built over), then owned by Mr Fairburn, a fierce-looking man (to me as a child) who wore a black patch over one eye.

    Further towards Alresford, on Cheriton Road east side, is Ingleby, then occupied by Dave Hastie and his wife, a very nice Scottish couple. He had a milk delivery business.

    At the Cricketers Arms, the landlady was Mrs Charlotte Boniface, widow of the former professional at Alresford Golf Club, Bill Boniface. She later married George Banks and the couple ran The Cricketers until the early/mid 1980s.

    Finally, in East Street north side, I believe ‘The Blue Café’ was in fact ‘The Blue Venture Café’, a name retained until the 1970s.

    Mike Hedges


  2. Thankyou Mike, for helpful additions, and setting Cornerways right: I really could not read this bit of Clinton’s neat, but small writing – should have guessed better! I’ll add your other comments shortly.


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