South Road residents in 1946

This is Part 2 of a residents list in Alresford houses and dwellings, as recorded in 1946 by Clinton Sherriff, a member of the Alresford Chamber of Commerce at the time. It was probably to enable him to canvas for donations towards a town building project, which was the Outdoor Swimming pool in the War Memorial Garden.

The attached map uses his numbering system for the houses in the streets, which does not correspond to the modern numbering system. Plus obviously there are gaps where the houses and even some streets – such as South Close and Meryon Road – that we see today, had not been constructed.

Scan south road

The original of the survey is in the Hampshire Record Office, but a copy exists in the Alresford Museum (D1037). If you want to see his map of a particular street, I will email it to you, as this also gives a clue as to the development state at the time.

People’s names living in South Road in 1946 are listed below, with the house names as quoted at the time, against Clinton’s numbering system.

20/1    Bend of McKay(?)  Mrs Peters

20/2    BuenaVista             W Blakemar

20/3    Taplins                    J A Monck

20/4    Sunspan                 EA Cozens

20/5    The Cottage            GH Preston

20/6    Ciarasia                  Miss Beasley, Miss Price, Mr Monday

20/7    (No name)              (not known)

20/8    Wingreen                J Hall

20/9    The Firs                  HF Rose

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