West Street Shops and House Residents, in 1946

This is Part 3 of a residents list in Alresford houses and dwellings, plus shops, as recorded in 1946 by Clinton Sherriff, a member of the Alresford Chamber of Commerce at the time. It was probably to enable him to canvas for donations towards a town building project, which was the Outdoor Swimming pool in the War Memorial Garden.

The attached map uses his numbering system for the houses in the streets, which does not correspond to the modern numbering system. Plus obviously there are gaps where the houses and even some mews entrances that we see today, had not been constructed.

The original of the survey is in the Hampshire Record Office, but a copy exists in the Alresford Museum (D1037). If you want to see his map of a particular street, I will email it to you, as this also gives a clue as to the development state at the time.

West Street

Shops and people’s names living in West Street in 1946 are listed below, with the house or business names as quoted at the time, against Clinton’s numbering system.

The list starts on the South side, at the entrance to the Churchyard, where the Clinton numbering system commences

Ref:    Business/House name:            Occupants:

27/1     Royle Outfitters                          Royle H

27/2     Jupe                                              Alexander                        

27/3     Town Hall                                   Hazelgrove F

27/4     Lloyds Bank

27/5     Swan Hotel                                Mrs DM Neat, Symonds

Here is Station Road

27/6     Turner Cycle Depot

27/7     Post Office

27/8                                                        McCutcheon J

27/9     Alresford Gas Co

27/10  Maison Stanley                       Cope

27/11                                                     Walbancks WH                          

27/12  The Cottage

27/13  Olderne

27/14   –

27/15  Wymering – Army

27/16   Volunteer Arms Pub             Wigg GCS

27/17  Mid-Southern Electric Co

27/18   West House

27/19   Co-operative Stores

27/20  The Alders                               Mrs IS Hankin, King

27/21  Hankin’s Garage                                                     

27/22  Dedman’s Dairy                     Dedman, Ernest

Here is Jacklyn’s Lane and The Dean   

27/23  Army

27/24                                                      Whiticar HJ

27/25  Westdale                                   Hobbs G, Mrs J Moss

27/26                                                     Ellingham, Whiticar HJ, Whitley FG

27/27                                                     Mrs Edwards

27/28                                                     Lewis FT

27/29                                                     Fairhead FC

27/30  The Old House                        Robins RJ

27/31  Peploe

27/32   Westholme                             Doidge F, Jupe B

27/33  Harris                                       Miss Curtis, Harris FH

Here is Bay Tree Yard  

…………….27/34  Raleigh                      Mrs E Priscott

…………….27/35  Abbotsdean               Small GW

…………….27/36   Baytree Cottage       French

27/37  Bay Tree House                       Mrs FE Gregory, Lawson R

27/38  Bossincy House                       Miss R Hallett, Morgan G

27/39                                                     Miss M Jenks

27/40                                                     Hunt C

27/41                                                    Miss Spary             

27/42                                                    Hasted A&S

27/43                                                    Sweetland FG

27/44  Bell Hotel                                Terry CTF

27/45  Electric House                        Jackman, Lewis F

27/46   Batchelor & Turner (Restaurant)   Batchelor FC, Turner FC

…………. also Eureka Fish Co

27/47                                                   Loveridge JM


One response to this post.

  1. Pam Bailey tells me that the people who ran the Volunteer Arms in 1950/51 were Mr and Mrs Small, who must have taken over from the Mr Wigg quoted here in 1946. The Small family, including two children, were Scots, and emigrated to Canada shortly after 1951. Pam saw the son when he came over to the UK with the Canadian armed forces (Army). Possibly the father was the same GW Small who lived in Abbotsdean in Bay Tree Yard in 1946. Pam was around 10 in 1950, and went to the Volunteer Arms in the daytime, her Mum worked there. A lot of the customers were cyclists at that time, who stopped there and at the cafe on Pound Hill, on the way to Winchester.


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