The Twine family of Old Alresford

The Curtis Museum in Alton advise that they have been given a sales ledger from the village shop in Old Alresford, which existed in Kiln Lane around 100 years ago. This shop was run by the Twine family for many years, and was quoted as a grocery and brewery, plus also a Post Office. The website has two photos relevant, one showing the prosperous looking Twine family in their garden in 1908.

old-alresford-037_med Twine

The Twine family in 1908 (picture courtesy of

The ledger shows all the transactions, in terms of the items sold to the local inhabitants of OA, their names, the products sold, and the amount invoiced – it apparently covers several years of transactions. The Museum intends to donate the original ledger to the Hampshire Record Office for safe-keeping, but meanwhile the Alresford Museum is keen to find any descendants of the Twine family. Hopefully they might have other memories, photos or souvenirs from the shop and its activities.

old-alresford-053_med old brewery stores

Kiln Lane, and the shop, circa 1925. Photo shown by permission from

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