Alresford cartoons

Inspired by an artist producing “Wobbly” pictures of their local town, Ian McDonald, a local amateur painter and DIY enthusiast has brought these skills together, maybe, to produce some “wonky” pics of Alresford. I think they are worth presenting here:


Then, by chance, I found some similar pics produced by Mad Lou Publishing, of Steep, near Petersfield. Created by Louise Braithwaite ( also from Ashford, near Steep, there is also a lovely card with her  pic of Broad Street in a similar vein…


Arthur Stowell used a similar pic, but set some 400 years earlier, on the front cover of his book about Alresford History. This now is used as a mural on the wall of the Old Fire Station Museum display area:


Ian has now branched out, and attempted an alternative view of the Alresford centre, looking up the hill along West Street.  This is his second Wobbly pic of Alresford, which also has an acknowledgement to our friends from Odiham:


Another slightly more conventional view of Alresford houses is afforded by Hellards, the Estate Agents, on their notepaper: this is primarily of East Street, and is more in the style of the architect Lawrence Wright’s drawings..;;

1986 East Street South side0003

While Louise Braithwaite seems to specialise in pics in and around Winchester, another of her cards shows the backs at Cambridge, which I also rather like:


Others have tried to picture Broad Street before it was taken over as the most preferred car parking area in Alresford:


news bbc co uk


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