That Scotsman was ‘ere

Well, the Flying Scotsman, now 60103, a steam locomotive, came to the Watercress Line between Alresford and Alton for a couple of weekends in February and March 2020.  Basically to celebrate the re-opening of the line to Alton, after the extensive bridge works over the roads near The Butts, at the far end. This took months and months, so the Watercress Line must have been pretty desperate to attract some attention, and money.

So they went the whole hog, closed the Station Car Park to everyone who hadn’t booked a ticket of some form, charged a lot for platform tickets etc, but couldn’t really stop the passers-by on the road bridges and roadsides along the way! These non-devoted enthusiasts were there, getting a peek, because the banners seemed to block the views everywhere else.

We’d love to hear your experiences of the ride: the reports are that the commercialism missed out by not selling refreshments on the train: even coffee would have been good, to warm up the passengers.

As a confessed novice in railway matters, it seemed the good old Flying Scotsman was feeling its age. Rolling past without carriages, it did not seem to travel as effortlessly as might have been expected…. It also seemed to need a second engine to help it with the carriages – there were not that many! Admittedly there is a hill out of Alresford, but not necessarily any bigger than the hills it used to traverse.


Arrival in Alresford, under the Sun Lane bridge. The engine helping the Flying Scotsman, 41312, looks much more interesting, but not as streamlined! Both pulling backwards here.


The Flying Scotsman rolling past on his own, in order to reposition to the front of the carriages


Atmospheric shot, showing the engine now positioned in front of the carriages, enveloped in steam, with the general public mob on the opposite platform


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