Life and exercise under Lockdown!

Life continues in Alresford, even though the streets are deserted of cars and parking has never been easier next to Tesco! But most communal activity for retired people in particular has closed down.

Many things have moved over to the internet – including our weekly Pilates classes with Brenda Clarke. So we have not escaped, and now don’t even get the school holidays off! Brenda, like so many other people, has adopted Zoom, and still runs her 60 minute sessions 3 days a week…. but we are still limiting ourselves to one session a week.

Will things ever return to the original classes in village halls? We don’t know, but we have used Zoom for a cocktail party for my wife’s birthday, talking to the kids – in Cornwall and Mexico – and earlier in the day it worked well much closer to home, for a lunchtime drinks get together with the neighbours!

Amazingly, the Zoom works very well, and is free to users, despite everyone adopting it so quickly. As for the Pilates, you need to try it yourself!

More info:

Zoom conferencing –

Pilates with Brenda Clarke – contact via the website

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