VE Day 75 years on…

VE Day 75 years on celebrations in Alresford were given a boost by a lot of last minute volunteers and some hard work by two of the cafe owners in Alresford.

Initially it was a NATC idea to organise an afternoon tea on the Avenue for the over 75’s in Alresford, but because of the Coronavirus shutdown, they decided to hang onto their cash for an enhanced VE day celebration in July.

Faced with that a couple of the Councillors got together and lead by Cllr Sarah Cavell they decided that something was needed. So they decided on a distribution of cream teas for the 75 year olds plus. Sarah enlisted the help of her friend Becky Smith (who runs the Arlebury Cafe at the ARC) and Sarah Pendlebury, who runs Tiffins tea rooms on West Street. Together, and with the help of their staff/friends, they baked over 500 scones, during the night of 7/8 May, and made up the teas in individual bags. The cost of ingredients were met by a benefactor – who wishes to remain anonymous.  Alresford PIGs volunteered assistance at least in terms of the distribution of the teas around the town, as they were keen to support the efforts of those doing the hard work behind the scenes.


Over 500 individual cream teas were distributed to residents over 75 in the town at lunchtime on Friday, VE Day, hopefully for the residents to join in with their street parties.


The picture above shows Mark and Emma Emmerson, dressed in their vintage best, preparing to distribute the teas, along with another 20 of the Alresford Pigs members.

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