Pudsey bear comes from Alresford!

Sn earlier post on this site mentioned in passing that Alresford Crafts made some of the first prototype bears for the BBC, for them to consider using the image for the “Children-in-Need” bear.

Jenny Lawes from Alresford, who worked at Alresford Crafts in Station Mill, remembers them producing these first versions of Pudsey, the BBC’s “Children-in-Need” bear, with the eye patch.

The original prototype Pudsey, from Alresford Crafts: note the bandage is over the left eye!

The Alresford made prototypes, built to a BBC design, had the bandage over the other eye (his left eye!). The bears were sent up to the BBC, and when he finally made an appearance, the patch had moved to the right eye! So Pusey really was first created here in Alresford, by the workers at Alresford Crafts!

There was other work for the BBC, one presenter on children’s TV had a lamb puppet from Alresford Crafts. The company was featured in a “Made in Britain” film, and in a Pebble Mill report. The town mill also hosted visits from Angela Rippon, and even Kate Adie, but not when the latter was a war correspondent!

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