Memorial bench for Pam Stevens

A new public bench has been placed under the trees on the Avenue, which is dedicated to the memory of Pam Stevens, for many years a Trustee an Secretary to the NATT (New Alresford Town Trust). In this capacity she was also the untiring organiser of the town Minibus, organising the drivers, passenger lists, and trips. In this role she was a major point of contact for many of the older residents of the town, and kept them in touch with charities and other organisations that could be of use to them.

Pam died in the Autumn of 2020, and the bench, which is situated between Arlebury Park and Pound Hill, is a pleasant place to stop to rest weary legs after climbing Pound Hill, or when waiting for Perins pupils. Steve Brine, the local MP, attended the dedication ceremony, and said “Pam was in so many ways Mrs Alresford, and she put so much into the townto help so many people. She was never bothered who got the credit, she just wanted to get things done! And she certainly did that, time and again. Alresford will certainly miss Pam Stevens, and so will I.”

Mark Stevens, Pam’s elder son, summed up Pam’s devotion when visiting her in Hospital – he found her working on her laptop doing Town Trust work. He thought the Avenue was a fitting place, which his mother loved, for the bench.

The bench was provided and installed with the help of many organisations and people who had worked alongside Pam and who admired and appreciated her efforts for the town: these included local charities such as Rotary and The Pigs, plus contractors Peter Bridges and Paul Daubeney.

Pam’s bench in the Avenue

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