Resident’s memories of Alresford

Alresford Memories publishes personal accounts of life in Alresford, a village near Winchester in Hampshire UK, from wherever they can be obtained. It was started in 2012, the Jubilee year, and it is hoped that it will be used by schools as a project to get the younger residents of the area trying to record what their parents know and remember about Alresford in days gone by. Plus then later by any residents of Alresford wanting to share their experiences living here.

The project is being initiated by New Alresford Town Trust, and their associated website is That website name shows that this is one of the few Town Trust organizations existing in the UK. The Alresford town website itself can be found on

The Alresford and District Museum Trust was established as a charity in April 2006, by Roy Robins, but the initial enthusiasm was lost on his death in May 2007. Their achievements over that short period were limited but they did manage to raise over £10,000 towards their endeavour. Following a period of inactivity, the Town Trust stepped in during 2011 and the Charity Commissioners agreed to the funds being transferred to the Town Trust, as an established charity.

This weblog is one of the initiatives being generated by the Town Trust, to record some of the more recent history of Alresford, from the memories of the residents.

Photographic and other resources

Artifacts, documents and photos collected by the Alresford Museum are catalogued on the website there is also a link on there to this website.

Photos of Alresford and events around Alresford scanned from copies provided by residents, and generally dated prior to the Second World War, are shown on the Alresford Heritage website run by Gog Andrews, on

More modern photos of interest since WWII are shown in albums on – as well as on Nick Denbow’s FlickR website,

The photos shown on this Alresford Memories website are presented as low resolution images, but also present the story attached to each set of images.


But also please tell us if any of the photos shown here are of you, and you do not wish them published…. if this is the case, we will remove them.

Write something for publication on these pages!

So please join in with the project, review and search the stories already here to see what you can add, either as a new story or as a comment or amendment to an existing story. Please send your stories direct to, or to the NATT via Stories will be published on this website, and will normally state the name of the person who submitted it, at the end of the text: if you do not wish your name published, please tell us when submitting the story! The same applies to comments or corrections: the editors reserve the right to refuse any anonymous or unhelpful corrections.

If you have any good or old photos of general interest, please let us know: by borrowing them for a few days we can scan them and return them still in the album  as they were before.

As the project develops it is hoped that there will be enough stories to start an annual competition, recognizing the best stories submitted from each age group of contributor. Particularly we would like to have the younger members of the community write up stories they might hear from their grand-parents, telling of their early life in Alresford.

The first posts in the “Do you know?” category are deliberately questions about happenings in Alresford that it would be interesting to find out about, in terms of anyone with copies of the films or TV programmes made here: but the answers will be made clear hopefully in the later pages published.


If you see any problems with photos or text not displaying properly, or if you think that a story is incomplete, or wrong, or need a photo withdrawing, please tell us, at!

Nick Denbow,

5 May 2012

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  1. Posted by D Hustwitt on November 8, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I Love your website – recently visited Arlesford briefly to find Twine relatives- visited Saint Mary Old Arlesford and found Gravestone of John Twine 1811-1878 and standing alone under a tree his two daughters.
    Found so much from your website including picture of william Henry Twine Cricket Secretary/Treasurer and Grocer who took over the business from his Father John Twine grocers 1871 to 1911 plus Thank you


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