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Who stole the tramp’s head?

Last weekend the streets of Alresford were filled with many Scarecrows, in a competition organized by ‘Churches Together in Alresford’, and the sight of these figures by the roadside from the town boundaries and through the centre caused a lot of pleasure and amusement.

DSC01852abUnfortunately someone chose to steal the head from one handsome figure who was to be seen propping up the doorway beside the Naked Grape in West Street, obviously someone who had overdone the consumption of the grape juices, or hops. Maybe the person who stole the head on Friday night was equally intoxicated.

Come the morning light, maybe he, or his better half, might realize that this head was made with care from some family mementoes that are irreplaceable, so please see if it can be returned, or tell us where to find it.

All the Scarecrows gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure, so hopefully we can all look for any information that might counteract this sad aspect of the Community we live in….

























Further information has come to light:

head unnamedThe missing head looks rather like this –










This information was passed on from some concerned residents who were visiting the town, and apparently saw the incident, but whose position meant that they were unable to take any decisive action to apprehend those involved. They do not wish to give their names, to avoid any come back, but they sent a picture of themselves, via

QE2 unnamed



Static railway carriages in Alresford

A challenge for you! Where have old railway carriages been used as dwellings or residences in Alresford?

We have reported on one such railway carriage, used as the Golf Course Clubhouse in around 1954, by the side of the first tee, across the road from the Cricketer’s pub. What we need here is any old photo of anyone in front of this clubhouse winning a trophy or whatever – maybe just drowning their sorrows! came up with this image of a well clad carriage on the grass opposite the Cricketer's! came up with this image of a well clad carriage on the grass opposite the Cricketer’s!

The next challenge is from around the same time, 1954, but has anyone any memories or photos of the railway carriages used at the top of the hill on Jacklyn’s Lane, near the old water tower? Pat Bentley used to deliver papers to a lady who lived in one of these carriages: who was she, and have you any photos?


The photo above is said to be in Alresford: where is it? Who is the young schoolboy in his uniform? Please let us know, particularly if this was you!

Memories of Alresford sought!

What do you know about Alresford? What does your Mum or Grandmother remember about the town when they were younger? There’s a lot that we might forget, unless you write it down and tell other people – using a new website for publication.

For instance why was your road given its own special name? Where did the names Jesty Road and Covey Way come from – maybe you know about Sun Lane but why Nursery Road? Where was the Primary School when it was in the Dean? Where was the garage in Broad Street, and where is it now? When and how did it appear on TV? Where was the garage in East Street, and what was it called? Why does Pound Hill have Mexican connections? How many buildings that were used as pubs or restaurants can you identify? They might be good quiz questions, but we need everyone to think of these little bits of history and record them.

As part of a project to record some of these simple accounts of what life was like in Alresford within our living memories, the New Alresford Town Trustees (NATT) are trying to encourage and collect contributions of stories from everyone, from any age group, and will publish them on this internet site. There is no proper name for this website yet: maybe you can suggest a good name that everyone will remember?

Please send in a few memories of your own, as an email or hand written, and we will publish them on the website, and put your name on the bottom too, as the author, if you want. If you are at school and sending in stories from grandparents, or from a long time ago, please tell us how old you are, what school and class you attend, and roughly what date the story relates to. We hope there will be sections for stories sent from Sun Hill and Perins, and will organize competitions, for example to see which is the most-read story on the site.

Please send your stories by e-mail to the editor, Nick Denbow, at, or to NATT at, or deliver stories on paper, to the Town Trust (NATT) at the Old Fire Station, in Broad Street, or write to the Clerk to the Trustees, NATT, The Old Fire Station, 54 Broad Street, Alresford, SO24 9AN.