Display of Lady Luck memorabilia in the Globe Inn

Two earlier stories on here have mentioned the crash of the USAF B17F Flying Fortress “The Lady Luck” behind Alresford Pond in September 1943.  There was a memorial event to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the crash in 2013. These reports also said that the Globe landlord at the time had gathered together a collection of memorabilia about the crash, and certainly Nelson Trowbridge donated some of his relevant items, including a model of the Lady Luck.

Regular visits to the Globe Inn over the last few years, and over the last few landlords, showed that the Lady Luck displays were only evident on one wall, and that wall had limited access, as it was in the Gents loo! So I decided at last to record the four framed items by photographing them. Regrettably when I finally got round to it today there were only two of these items still hanging on the relevant wall – what had happened to the other two with the press cuttings I don’t know!

So the currently much reduced display at the Globe is shown below. The first is a map and account of the basic facts.



The second framed display is what looks like the Nelson Trowbridge model of the Lady Luck, and the ‘Revell’ kit box that it came in, and that cost 14s 6d (about 75 pence).



Outside the pub grounds, in the Soke Gardens, a plaque commemorates the event. This was organised by the Town Council, the Alresford Society, and the Alresford Historical and Literary Society in 2003, for the 60th Anniversary.


The rear of the Globe and their pub garden overlooks the Alresford Pond: this is taken from the Soke Garden, next to the memorial plaque.


And the front of the pub – to help identify it!


The previous stories about the crash are as follows:

The crash of Lady Luck, 1943

Flying Fortress crash in Alresford Pond

The Alresford Museum has several other pieces of memorabilia and press cuttings about the crash of the Lady Luck, and these will be on display in the Old Fire Station when the Museum opens in the garage there, later in 2017.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Very touching. Thanks for the memorial.


  2. Posted by Paul Cooper on October 11, 2018 at 4:47 am

    Hello from the USA. I was a Police Officer in Washington DC from 1979 to 1997.
    In the 1980’s I used to patrol the Georgetown area of NW.
    In an upscale liquor store worked an older Gentleman named Samuel L Edwards.
    Sam ran the wine shop during the daytime He and I became good friends over the years
    Sam told me stories about when he was in the 303rd Bomb Group 360th BS.Stationed in Molesworth England. Sam was the Left Waist Gunner and Armorer on Lady Luck.
    He told me his pilot was Lloyd Griffith. I have many funny stories of incidents that happened in the air and on the ground, as well as serious missions. I was blessed that Sam shared these with me as he never bragged or boasted to anyone. I also have some photos that he shared with me and allowed me to copy. I might have one of Lady Luck in the air if I remember right. I like your tribute very much.

    PS Sam moved to Colorado with his family before he passed away..
    I miss him quite a lot.


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